Art on Panel - Kunst auf Tafel by Uwe Merz
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»art on panel« unique - individual - ageless
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Leading edge digital technology combined with his ‘palette-knife technique’, has empowered Uwe to explore and develop a completely new form to express the symbiotic relationships between industrial design and artistic expression. »art on panel« digital composing technique using professional image editing tools opens new doors for individual creative development.

With a special 6-colour-UV-digital-direct-printing-technique the objects are printed to a high-quality 3mm-composite material with a unique finish. It’s also possible to use further substrate materials such as acryl glass, glass, wood, metal, cloth, canvas, synthetics.

Industrial Design and Expressive Art
My intention with »art on panel« is, to combine industral design and expressive art by bringing it into one context, emphasizeing the chief motive in its function as design-object.

Very important for me is to preserve the characteristics of the main object: The elements like cars, machines or buildings etc. combined with my corresponding artwork, must display a harmonic, aesthetic dialogue as a complete artwork in it self.

Exceptional and Exclusiv Gifts
There are some standard »art on panel« motives that may be purchased, but our real focus is on special designs with your individual motif, size and colour design. This can be an exceptional gift for friends or family with unparalleled personalisation achieved through the combination of people’s faces and a particular object that is personal to them. Be it a car, yacht, house, landscape or indeed just about anything.

»art on panel«
also provides a very special opportunity to deliver an artistic gift to your customers. The use of German artwork to personalise your products to your customer recognises an important relationship and will deliver many years of pleasure.

Further potential uses are for example calendars with individual motives or exclusive design panels for trade fairs.

Let us create some ideas for you, the options are huge.
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